Welcome to the 5 WAYS TO REAL ESTATE! I am stoked to share the launch of my new ad campaign with the first of several new ads published in the October 2017 issue of Inside East Sac (look for us on page 10). I am humbled and excited to invite you into several different scenes of my life to share how and why I real estate the way I do. 

The first ad shows my most important reason for everything - my son!  Our realationship, his health and happiness and his daily life are what i think about when I do business, for me AND for you. What's important to me as a parent is probably not too different than what's important to you - hence THE MOM'S WAY. As parents we want a home where our kids can feel safe, be themselves, grow and learn and make memories.

There is much more to come, including A CONTEST! Stay tuned to my website and social media channels to stay up to date on my different WAYS to real estate- and how you can participate!